Thursday, 20 November 2014

Y6:School sentences and Sunderland singing

Today we have created sentences with time expressions: Como en el comedor a la una.
We sang the Christmas song....we are getting more confident! (I will put the words up here soon).

Did our Sunderland friends hear us?:-)
Eliza, our iPad expert was in charge of the starter activity, she used the Make Dice Light app to help us practise the school sentences, and for next week she has designed another game with the "Decide Now" app. Thank you!

The 10-minute teachers did really well, look at their "in the classroom" mini lesson!
The words are: la maestra, el maestro, la mesa and el libro. Well done!!!

No time for Chuchua, but here it is if you want to sing it at home:-)

Y5: Dictionary, Star of the Week and the Sunderland project

Today we practised our dictionary skills. We looked up gifts we would like to receive, and we were surprised at the answers: pigs, sharks and plastic bags!

We recorded the Star of the Week movie, and watched the one our Spanish friends sent us.
We started to learn a Christmas song, and thought of some actions to go with the words:
-snow falling
-showing our hearts
- happy faces , arms spread out
-party moves
- bells ringing
- dancing and "jumping with hands
The Spanish words will be here, soon!
We will sing it together with a Y5 class from Sunderland. How exciting!

And this is our starter game for next week, made by Amelia and Sam. They used the Make Dice Light iPad app. Thank you!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Y5: Shopping and Star of the Week

We are starting a new eTwinning project: Star of the week!

This is our new song for the half term, we are learning the alphabet and how to use a dictionary.
Our display with the autumn letters our friends sent us from Valladolid:
And there is another project waiting for us when we meet next time, with a school in Sunderland:-)

Y6: School , Sunderland singing project and iPads

Eliza has made us a game using Make Dice Light on the iPad. We will play it at the beginning of our next lesson. Gracias Eliza!

Our 10-minute teachers did some maths activities, and even prepared some signs for the games. Well done for using the dictionary!

And this was another great Spanish teachers' activity, finding out about the names of rainforest animals! Amazing effort and preparation!

Y4: Hair/eye colours + Sunderland singing project


Y3 - Calendar: months/date + Sunderland singing project



Y5: Day of the Dead cookies